OAK—D. LITE Kickstarter campaign is already launched!

A new era in spatial AI will begin with the launch of OAK—D. LITE. ​​The Swiss Army Knife of Computer Vision, OAK—D. LITE is OAK—D's little sister: powerful, compact, delightfully lightweight, and yet ridiculously inexpensive. It brings the super powers of Spatial AI to the sub-$100 price-point necessary to unlock all sorts of applications.

With the previous OAK—D KickStarter, we enabled thousands to harness the power of Spatial AI.  But too many end up in the situation where they wished they could use it to solve their problem - because it is a cheat mode for so many problems - but it was simply too expensive to use it.

So we designed OAK—D. LITE from the ground up to allow all the powers of OAK—D - at a price point that makes nearly every application tenable and the technology accessible to everyone.


OAK-D-Lite comes equipped with a 4K RGB camera and a stereo pair for real-time depth estimation. The powerful Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X chip at its core, capable of 4 Trillion Operations per Second (TOPS), enables it to run neural networks for image classification, object detection, image segmentation, pose estimation, text detection, face recognition, and many more in real-time.

Its easy-to-use Python API, comprehensive documentation, free tutorials and courses, and numerous free models available through Modelplace.AI make it accessible to anyone with only a working knowledge of the Python programming language.


We have wiped out all margins from the device to bring the price down as much as possible. For now, a Super Early Bird price of $74 for limited quantities which may already be sold out. Don’t worry- the Kickstarter price is still just $89 for the duration of this campaign. The expected delivery date for backers - December 2021.

September 15, 2021
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