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Anzhella Pankratova
Content Author at OpenCV.ai
AI Weekly Insights: Cancer Diagnosis AI, AI Music at Grammys

Digest 5 | OpenCV AI Weekly Insights

Here's our weekly roundup of newsworthy developments from the world of computer vision and AI.
September 12, 2023

Welcome to the OpenCV AI Weekly Insights Digest!

Our aim is to keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the world of Artificial Intelligence. Whether you're an experienced AI enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of AI — our digest is designed to keep you informed and inspired 🔥

TIME100 AI: The Power Players of AI

Image Source: Time

TIME's experienced editors have carefully curated the TIME100 AI, a collection that highlights the most influential figures in the field of artificial intelligence. This list includes a diverse range of visionaries, from industry veterans to those exploring the ethical dimensions of AI, all of whom have played a significant role in shaping the AI landscape. Notable members of the TIME100 AI include young advocates like Sneha Revanur, who champion ethical AI, and seasoned AI leaders like Geoffrey Hinton, who raise concerns about the potential risks of this technology.

The TIME100 AI serves as a valuable resource, offering insights into the power dynamics that drive the development of AI. It features a wide array of contributors, including competitors, regulators, scientists, artists, advocates, and corporate leaders, all working collaboratively to influence the growth of this emerging technology.

In conclusion, the rapid evolution and far-reaching impact of AI on our society are undeniable. As this technology continues to advance, the decisions and contributions of individuals will play a pivotal role in determining its trajectory.

Read More: Time Magazine

Microsoft and Paige Collaborate on Cancer Diagnosing AI Model

Image Source: Paige

Microsoft has teamed up with digital pathology firm, Paige, to develop the most extensive image-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) model for cancer detection worldwide. The AI model, which utilizes billions of images for training, is designed to identify both common and rare types of cancer.

The field still grapples with major challenges, particularly in terms of storage costs and data collection. Digitizing a single slide can require over a gigabyte of storage, making large-scale data collection a costly affair. With the aim to broaden its operations and construct an AI tool for identifying additional cancer types, Paige sought collaboration with Microsoft.

Paige is exploring the integration of predictive modeling into their system to offer pathologists and patients effortless access to information concerning their biomarkers and genomic mutations.

Read More: CNBC Article

AI Innovation Meets Music Industry

Image Source: Gizmodo

In a remarkable shift of the music landscape, an artificially intelligent rendition of a song has been submitted for Grammy consideration. The AI-generated track, "Heart on My Sleeve," which replicated the vocal styles of Drake and The Weeknd, was created by a cryptic figure known as Ghostwriter977.

The song, entirely born from artificial intelligence, has been submitted for the prestigious Grammy Awards in the Best Rap Song and Song of the Year categories. This development arrives amidst ongoing discussions in the music industry about how to handle the growing influence of AI in music production.

In response to the AI song submission, Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. expressed that the industry will need to grapple with this new reality. He stated that, from a creative standpoint, AI-created music is entirely eligible for Grammy consideration, as it is ultimately produced by humans.

Read More: Variety Article

Unleash Your Potential: Introducing the Falcon 180B

Image Source: Hugging Face

Recent developments in the AI field have been quite astounding. Topping the list is Falcon 180B’s  performance, which is currently the best among all released open-source LLMs. Notably, it outperforms Llama 2 70B and OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 on MMLU, matching Google's PaLM 2-Large on various benchmarks.

Parameters of the Falcon-180B model:

180 billion parameters

Context 2048 tokens

Trained for 2.5 months on 4096 GPU on Amazon SageMaker.

The model saw 3.5 trillion tokens (vs. 2 trillion for LLaMa 2)

The model's performance typically sits somewhere between GPT 3.5 and GPT4 based on the evaluation benchmark. This proves promising for continued advancements in language models. The AI community is eagerly anticipating further fine-tuning now that Falcon 180B has been released openly.

Read More: Hugging Face

Thanks for joining us in this edition of OpenCV AI Weekly Insights Digest.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the AI universe. Stay tuned for more! Your weekly dose of AI knowledge is just a scroll away.

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