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Welcome to OpenCV.ai Partners program

We a pioneering deep-tech company developing Visual AI, aka Computer Vision [CV].
At OpenCV.ai, we believe that Computer Vision has the potential to revolutionize businesses of all sizes.
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Our case studies

Why visual AI?

Cameras are everywhere, but cameras are dumb. Until you know how to utilize them.
Enable businesses to detect, comprehend and respond to details in images and video streams.
Increase in productivity
Addressing skill shortage. Major applications in Manufacturing, Robotics, Logistics, Medicine, Sports and Media.
Optimizing operational perfomance
Increasing safety monitoring to reduce costs. 90% Reduction in comparable human operator time. More accurate and more robust to environmental conditions.
Unlocking deep insights
Visual AI solutions are capable of instantly detecting subtle visual elements - detect defects, measure gaze, help forecast change at civiv to planet scale
Generative AI applications
With data augmentation, automated labeling, and data pipelines generation.
OpenCV.ai in numbers

Why partner with OpenCV.ai?

At OpenCV.ai, we specialize in taking state-of-the-art in CV and AI and building scale-ready enterprise-grade productivity solutions.


18 million

Our team maintains OpenCV, the most popular open-source computer vision software with 2500+ routines and 18 million monthly downloads.


Our solutions run in 60+ countries, and have been showcased at Apple events, the WSJ, CNBC, and prominent CV conferences.

40% increase

Average increase in productivity


OpenCV works in 16+ diverse verticals - Biotech, Manufacturing, Sports & Media, Sustainability, Metaverse, Automotive, Semiconductor and Logistics
OpenCV.ai in numbers

Here are some stats on the work of our team throughout the years.

Hardware Partners

We have a bias towards action. Solving your problem, is our social contract.
We have a bias towards action. Solving your problem, is our social contract.


Al platforms, ISVs and Professional Services companies partner with OpenCV to create value-added solutions that cater to the evolving client needs.
CV Platforms are excellent way to grow your revenue beyond SaaS pricing.


Distributors, resellers, MSPs and VARs come to OpenCV.ai for all Visual Al solutions.
With our intrinsic knowledge of the SoTA in Computer Vision, you can reliably upgrade your offerings, deliver more value to your customers.
Partnering with us

How do you become a OpenCV.ai partner?

Application & Evaluation
Begin by completing the Form. We will speak with your promptly and answer any questions.
Sign the OpenCV.ai Partner Agreement, outlining the terms and conditions of our collaborative partnership.
Armed with priority attention from the team, we commence our partnership journey of co-developing, or reselling the best Visual Al solutions for your customers.
Why work with us

Our promise to you

At OpenCV.ai, we're not just building partnerships; we're forging lasting relationships based on trust, innovation, and shared success. We're here to support your journey every step of the way, offering:
Custom solutions
Tailored strategies and resources to align with your unique objectives.
Rewarding incentives
Enjoy generous rewards, commissions, and recognition for your achievements.
Co-Marketing opportunities
Joint marketing efforts to reach our combined audience even faster.
Transparent communication
Open and honest collaboration is at the core of our partnerships.
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