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Big Data Engineer, Data Modeling


About the Role

As a Research Engineer here, you will be responsible for building AI systems that can perform previously impossible tasks or achieve unprecedented levels of performance. We're looking for people with solid engineering skills (for example designing, implementing, and improving a massive-scale distributed machine learning system), writing bug-free machine learning code, and building the science behind the algorithms employed.

The most outstanding deep learning results are increasingly attained at a massive scale, and these results require engineers who are comfortable working in large distributed systems. We expect engineering to play a key role in most major advances in AI of the future.

We expect you to:

  • Have strong programming skills
  • Have experience working in large distributed systems
  • Be excited about OpenAI’s approach to research

Nice to have:

  • Interested in and thoughtful about the impacts of AI technology
  • Past experience in creating high-performance implementations of deep learning algorithms

Below are some of our current teams and the work you may do on them.

  • Algorithms: Conduct exploratory research and drive algorithmic and architectural advances on the critical path to AGI. Algos has been responsible for a number of high profile OpenAI releases including GPT-2, Image GPT, Jukebox, DALL-E.

  • Alignment: Fine-tune large language models to perform tasks in accordance with the user's intentions. Explore learning from human feedback and assisting humans evaluating AI. Recent projects: InstructGPT, Book summarization

  • Applied AI Research: Develop innovative solutions and open-ended research to solve real-world problems. Care about applications driven by user feedback and long-term research ​​with significant impact on products, while keeping a high safety product standard. Recent project: Text and Code Embeddings in OpenAI API

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